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Contemporary Photographer, Filip Kulisev is the first Photographer to be featured on the "Fine Art Auction". 

The Fine Art Auction, the first ever global broadcast channel dedicated to Art selling Artwork on Television for 17 years. Selling tens of thousands of works of Art in that time. 

Broadcasting to 6o million homes across the U.S. and 12 million homes in Australia/New Zealand.

The Fine Art Auction Channel is a ground-breaking entertainment platform. They bring to you the most significant contemporary and urban artists of our time, as well as the most-important 20th and 21st Century Artists and the venerable Masters.

The Fine Art Auction sell the deceased Masters of the past like Rembrandt, Durer, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Modern Masters like Picasso, Gauguin, Chagall, Miro, Dali and Matisse. Now the Contemporary Masters, like Warhol, Banksy, Kaws and now the Contemporary Photographer, Filip Kulisev. The first Photographer to be featured on the Fine Art Auction.  


A new book by photographer Filip Kulisev about the beauties of Slovakia was launched by Czech actor Jaroslav Dušek

With his new book My Slovakia, photographer Filip Kulisev has already completed a dozen of his publications. After six years of photographing and filming Slovakia, he brings unconventional views of his native country from different angles and heights. Many bird's-eye shots show beauties that can be easily overlooked when viewed from the ground. "In recent years, I have been wandering through our country more and more often and discovering its beauty from a height. The drone has helped me to find views and corners that I had no idea about standing on solid ground. In Slovakia I find equally beautiful, but less known places than elsewhere in the world. The colourful sea of purple clover near Lipova is in no way inferior to the beauty of the lavender fields in Provence. Roháče and Kriváň reflect on the surface of the calm Liptovská Mara as unrepeatably as Mt. Denali in the waters of the Alaskan lakes," said Filip Kulisev on the occasion of the christening of his latest book in the House of Culture Zrkadlový Háj in Bratislava. The godfather was the well-known Czech actor and enthusiastic traveller Jaroslav Dušek. He christened the book with Šranecký sand from the "Slovak desert" in Záhorie. "With Filip and Zuzka I experienced beautiful and funny moments not only in Alaska, where we met for the first time years ago thanks to the traveller Jirka Kolbaba. I experience them with them every time we see each other again. We continuously maintain this Czech-Slovak long-distance friendship," said Jaroslav Dušek.

The baptism ceremony with more than 400 guests from the social and cultural scene was moderated by Peter Sklár. Guests could also watch the accompanying film My Slovakia. The event also included a theatrical performance by Jaroslav Dušek, Four Agreements, based on the old wisdom of the Toltec Indian tribe. The book My Slovakia is also published in the English version My Slovakia and in a limited edition in an exclusive cassette with an inset photo and a film about Slovakia.


Photos by Filip Kulisev will brighten up the summer at Bojnice Castle

The exhibition of Filip Kulisev's photographs Amazing Planet was officially opened at Bojnice Castle. More than a hundred guests from cultural and social life viewed 22 large-format photographs of natural beauties of all continents. This exhibition was recently a great success under the auspices of the United Nations in Geneva. "This is the first time I have exhibited at Bojnice Castle and I am glad that the fairy-tale setting of one of the most beautiful castles in Europe can be enriched by photographs of the natural beauties that I like to seek out. The images I have chosen show nature with its unique beauty, which we can easily lose if we take a frivolous approach to its protection," said Filip Kulisev. The exhibition was opened by the director of the Bojnice Museum Igor Socha: "I have followed and admired Filip's work for many years and I must admit that his adventurous and travelling expeditions as well as his achievements in the field of photography are a great inspiration for me. It is said that "the best artist is nature itself". But if there is a harmonious connection between man the artist and nature the artist, it will result in a magnificent work, such as the Amazing Planet project by Filip Kulisev. I am glad that Filip has shown interest in realizing the exhibition in our castle," emphasized Igor Socha


The opening included a screening of two films by Filip Kulisev, Amazing Planet and From Behind the Scenes of His Work. During 45 minutes, the audience could see a bird's eye view of the beauty of our planet and the background of the creation of many of the exhibited photographs, which often had a touch of adventure. The Amazing Planet exhibition together with the screening of both films will run at Bojnice Castle until 26 October 2023.


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4. 9. 2022

Slovak premiere of Filip Kulisev's Amazing Planet will be part of the festival From Dubai to the Danube

The ITAPA Expo Innovation Festival From Dubai to the Danube will also present the Slovak premiere of the documentary film Amazing Planet by world-renowned photographer Filip Kulisev. The nearly half-hour film premiered in February in Monte Carlo during the opening of the Polar Planet outdoor exhibition in the presence of Prince Albert II and is being presented in Slovakia for the first time. "I have managed to put together exclusive footage of what has been happening on Earth in recent months and years.  The film has two parts. The first is dominated by drone footage of the beauty of our planet. The bird's eye view shows many details that we normally miss. The camera flies over the world's oldest desert, the Namib Naukluft in Namibia, showing the island jewels of Tonga before the eruption of a devastating volcano. It also documents the eruptions on La Palma Island, where the volcano spewed 700 metres. The atmosphere is soothed by the colourful autumn in North Korea or the majestic glaciers on Svalbard and Antarctica," said Filip Kulisev.
The second part of the film gives a glimpse behind the scenes of his work. Tranquil scenes such as a drive across the desert, the inhospitable plains of Iceland or a helicopter flight over the North Pole are interspersed with dramatic shots of a herd of elephants attacking or sailing in ten-metre waves in the Drake Passage. One of the most beautiful parts of the video is snorkelling with hundreds of thousands of jellyfish in the Palau archipelago.
The premiere of Amazing Planet will be on 9 September at 20:00 on the M.R. Štefánik Square in front of Eurovea. A repeat screening will be at the same location 24 hours later.

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30. 03. 2022

“The Polar Planet”, an exhibit of Filip Kulisev’s photographs is featured at the OECD Environment Ministers' discussion in Paris

Slovak photographer Filip Kulisev’s exhibition of his works in the polar regions is part of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Environment Ministers' Meeting, on 30 and 31 March 2022 at the OECD headquarters in Paris.

Environment ministers from OECD member countries and other invited non-member countries are meeting in Paris for the first time in six years. Slovakia is also represented at the meeting by Filip Kulisev's photographic exhibition "The Polar Planet". The exhibition was viewed by the environment ministers of the 38 OECD member states, other non-member states, as well as OECD Secretary-General Mathias Cormann in the OECD conference rooms. The exhibit includes forty large-scale photographs highlighting the beauty of the some of the most spectacular places of the Arctic and Antarctica, including South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Franz Josef Land, Svalbard and Greenland. 
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Slovak Republic to the OECD František Ružička said: "Climate change and the state of our environment is one of the most serious generational challenges of our time. To date, up to one million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction due to human activity. Filip Kulisev's photographs capture the beauty and diversity of life on our planet, but they also carry a profound environmental message. That is why I am very pleased that the Slovak Republic can also contribute to the call for the protection of the world's biodiversity through art at the OECD. The photographs are also a raised finger for us humans to remember that we do not live alone on this planet!"  
The exhibition comes to the OECD headquarters in Paris from Monaco. It is a continuation of the Slovak photographer's collaboration with the Prince Albert II Foundation, which focuses on nature conservation and sustainable development. Climate change, biodiversity and water are the three main objects of interest of this foundation. 

12. 3. 2022

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25. 02. 2022

Monaco discusses climate change also with photos by Filip Kulisev

The International Polar Symposium, which takes place on February 24 and 25 in Monaco, also includes an exhibition of photographs of the polar regions by Slovak photographer Filip Kulisev. Scientists are discussing in particular the impact of climate change on the Arctic and Antarctica, the too rapid melting of glaciers and the negatives that this development brings for the global climate. "Despite the inhospitable conditions, cold and discomfort, I like the cold places of the Earth very much. The polar regions in both the south and the north are perhaps the most visibly facing climate change at the moment. Over the last two decades, I can clearly see how glaciers have been shrinking and that voyages to the North Pole have been accompanied by an increasingly thin ice sheet. Many animal species are rapidly losing their natural habitat. I hope that my photographs can also be a wake-up call for the world public," said Filip Kulisev on the occasion of the exhibition in the garden of the Oceanographic Museum Grilles de Jardin St. Martin in Monaco. 

The "Polar Planet" exhibition features 40 large-scale photographs highlighting the beauty and some of the most spectacular places of the Arctic and Antarctica such as South Georgia, the Falklands, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Franz Josef Land or Greenland. HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco had the opportunity to discover the exhibition on February 24, during a private visit. The occasion for Filip Kulisev to present to the Sovereign of the Principality his new short film. "It brings views of the beauty of our planet from a drone. From a bird's eye view, we see many details that we normally miss. One of the unique parts of the film is the footage of the eruption on the island of La Palma, where the volcano spewed fire up to 700 meters high. There are also behind-the-scenes glimpses of my work, such as footage of an elephant herd attack in Namibia, swimming in ten-metre waves in the Drake Passage, or snorkelling with hundreds of thousands of golden jellyfish in the archipelago of Palau," stated Filip Kulisev. The sixth exhibition in Monaco is a continuation of the Slovak photographer's collaboration with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, which focuses on nature conservation and sustainable development. Climate change, biodiversity and water are the three main domains of action of the Foundation. 

An outdoor exhibition of photographs of the polar regions by Slovak photographer Filip Kulisev is presented in Monaco since February 3 until February 27. Then it will move to Paris, where it will be part of a series of cultural presentations focusing on environmental protection in the framework of the OECD Environment Committee at ministerial level.


16. 02. 2022

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Photographer Filip Kulisev presents the beauty of Slovakia at EXPO 2020 in Dubai

Visitors to the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai can also admire the beauty of Slovak nature. Our pavilion also includes the Amazing Slovakia exhibition by photographer and traveller Filip Kulisev. He presents the most beautiful of Slovakia's natural and cultural heritage in large-format pictures. "I appreciate that I have the honour to present my work at a top world event like Expo. I have to admit that for years I have been photographing natural scenery exclusively abroad, but in the last decade I have been looking more and more for Slovak motifs. With the exception of the sea, Slovakia has absolutely everything that is attractive in tourism. It is not only the Tatra Mountains, but also majestic historical buildings such as the Spiš Castle, the natural diversity of the Slovak Paradise, or technical monuments such as the water mills on the Little Danube. I am very happy to be able to contribute to the fact that literally the whole world can see it," said Filip Kulisev on the occasion of the Slovak Day at Expo 2020 (27 January). The exhibition is part of the Slovakia Travel exhibition, which wants to present Slovakia as an attractive and modern destination, to help tourism, hotels, water parks and other institutions to survive the difficult pandemic period and return foreign tourists to our country.

"Filip Kulishev's photographs perfectly complement not only Slovakia Travel's premises, but also the entire Slovak pavilion. The exhibited work has a great response among visitors and thus completes a better image and idea of the beauty that our country offers. I can confirm that the presented content and modern visual experience becomes a strong motivation to visit Slovakia," said Robert Mojsej, Director of the Slovak exposition in Dubai.

Visitors from nearly two hundred countries can also admire Filip Kulishev's works on a large 360-degree screen in 4K resolution. The Amazing Slovakia exhibition will run until 31 March, which is also the official end of Expo 2020 Dubai.


3. 2. 2022

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09. 09. 2021

Cosmic Greetings launch a new book by renowned photographer Filip Kulisev

Filip Kulisev recounts new stories from his travels in his new book ZOOM 3. The book is a pilgrimage around the world by the two most important Slovak space explorers: Ivan Bella, the first Slovak cosmonaut, and astrobiologist Michaela Musilová, who has led three dozen simulated lunar and Martian missions from her base on Mauna Loa, the world’s most massive mountain, in Hawaii.

Michaela said "Filip’s photographs always excite me and motivate me to go out and discover the beauty of our planet. Thanks to his works, I can appreciate even more how unique it is, and understand that we must take better care of it.  His latest work, ZOOM 3, has the added charm that Filip and Zuzana also share with us the stories of how these beautiful photographs were born during their adventures around the world."  Michaela Musilová then christened ZOOM 3 with simulated Martian dust in a telecast from Hawaii's Big Island, where she is commanding the new mission.

Ivan Bella is intimately familiar with the view of Earth from space, which is why he appreciates Filip’s photographs and stories.  He said "Natural scenery, trees, rivers, fields, and mountains in his renditions can captivate, draw the eye, make you stop, but also reflect that such places are becoming fewer and may not be here forever. We can clearly observe our negative impact on the planet from space,  at an altitude of 350-400 km. Filip's photographs motivate me and will continue to motivate people around the world to make greater efforts to preserve the beauty he captures with his lens.”  Ivan then sprinkled ZOOM 3 with black volcanic sand from Hawaii.

Seven years have passed since their previous book of stories from their journeys, ZOOM 2. Filip and Zuzana were busy with other projects, so it took a while for the time to be right.  He said "We have rounded up the number of countries visited to 140. Many interesting things happened during these trips that we want to share. For example, we discovered beautiful rural areas in China, following our premiere there.  Many people don't know that the world on the fictional planet where the movie Avatar takes place was not created exclusively on a computer, but also in a beautiful mountainous area in China.  North Korea was unexpectedly full of magnificent nature. We also recount our experiences and the insights we gained from our travels in the Pacific and in the Seychelles, where  they're fiercely protective of the Aldabra archipelago. Their giant tortoises, whose long memory dates back to the French colonisation in the 19th century, live peacefully.”

More than 200 guests and prominent personalities from political, social and cultural life attended the launch of the book ZOOM 3 and the opening of the photo exhibition, which was hosted by Peter Sklár. The opening also included a screening of Filip's latest drone footage and behind-the-scenes photography. The Amazing Planet exhibition is held in cooperation with the National Council of the Slovak Republic and will be open to the public on the West Terrace of Bratislava Castle until 21 September.

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5. 4. 2020

Filip Kulisev became European Professional Photographer of the Year 2020 in the Drone category

Slovak photographer Filip Kulisev became European Professional Photographer of the Year 2020 in the Drone category (FEP European Drone Golden Camera Award). He got the golden camera for the second time in his career. Filip Kulisev succeeded for the first time in 2012 in the Landscape category. “Since 2013 I haven´t competed, so I am very pleased to succeed again in the competition of many well known photographers. I´m happier, because it was an anonymous vote and the jury didn´t know for which photographs voted. Subsequent counting of all the points went to me. I have been taking photographs by drones for several years. I enjoy it because they offer diverse and fascinating views of our planet. It is a very perspective direction of photographic art, ”said Filip Kulisev, who became historically the first winner of this prize. The jury of European Federation of Professional Photographers (FEP) praised three photographs of him, three humpback whales in Antarctic, the hot springs of Orakei Korako in New Zealand and the colorful Luoxiagou Valley in China. Twenty-one judges rated more than 2,200 works by professional photographers from 29 countries in ten categories. Vice-president of Association of German professional photographers Bernd Gassner appreciated his work as well. „Filip Kulisev is always an inspiration for me. He manages to share the joy of landscape photography with the viewer. It is not settled and his work always surprises me. He is one of the very big ones in our profession,“ stressed Gassner.

FEP brings together national associations and represent over 50,000 European professional photographers. Slovakia is represented by the Association of Professional Photographers of the Slovak Republic.

Photographer and explorer Filip Kulisev, Master QEP, FBIPP, strives constantly to find and photograph the most wonderful and unique sites on our planet for the benefit of nature lovers throughout the world. Through his remarkable photographs, Filip has spurred awareness of biodiversity and natural resources, emphasizing our vital duty to protect them.  Filip‘s international recognition is a result of his extraordinary ability to capture spectacular landscapes in a technically impeccable form. His photographs are composed with a delicate sense of balance and the subtle interplay of shadow and light.

30. 3. 2020

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20. 3. 2020

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25. 2. 2020

A Remarkable Exhibit by Photographer Filip Kulisev Brings Nature Inside the United Nations Palais des Nations in Geneva

The Permament Session of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council in Geneva announces a special exhibit „Amazing Planet“, by Slovak photographer and world traveler Filip Kulisev.  Ambassador Juraj Podhorsky, head of the Permanent Mission of the Slovak Republic to the United Nations Office in Geneva, welcomes this magnificent presentation of the natural world on all continents.

Ambassador Podhorsky said „Filip is truly a world-class photographer.  I admire his ability not only to discover, but to capture  the unique qualities of nature.  His remarkable photography urges us to do our very best to preserve our planet for future generations – not just to keep the photos as reminders of the beautiful in nature, but to preserve it.  This is also one of the most important missions of the UN and especially our generation.“ 

In Filip’s first show in Geneva he will exhibit twenty two new large format photographs of the natural beauty of all continents to the many diplomats and visitors to the Palais des Nations.  Filip says „ The United Nations has consistently fought to protect our environment, its natural resources and especially biodiversity.  These objectives impress me greatly and are the reason why I support the United Nations in my work.“

The exhibition will last until 6 March 2020 at the Palace of Nations in Geneva.

It was opened by the UN Head of Mission in Geneva Tatiana Valovaya and the head of Slovak diplomacy Miroslav Lajčák.​

18. 2. 2020

New movies added: Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Palau, Vanuatu, Tansania

2. 2. 2020

New shots added: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Palau, Tasmania, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Slovakia​

27. 9. 2019

Hollywood Stars Receive Filip Kulisev’s Latest Book, „Polar Planet“, In Monaco

Guests at last night‘s Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean, one of the most prestigious charity events in the world, enjoyed internationally renowned Slovak photographer Filip Kulisev’s latest book „Polar Planet“. „Polar Planet“ includes a foreword by the Gala’s host, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, who wrote „Polar Planet is an opportunity for all its readers, to whom it will provide insight into the stunning beauty of the polar regions, to share the unique feelings experienced by all those who travel, as I have had the privilege of doing, across these vast expanses of ice where humankind seems to be absent, and where nature alone reigns, all-powerful and immaculate – at least one the surface. Because behind the landscapes, behind the beauty of the skies, ice and snow, we are now aware of the impending dangers.“. Prince Albert II Foundation has donated more than 55 million euros to initiate or support more than 470 projects around the world. “The Ocean plays a critical role in the climactic and life balance of our planet, producing 50 percent of our oxygen and absorbing 25 percent of CO2. Fighting the climate change crisis starts with protecting our Ocean, and we cannot address one without first addressing the other,“ the Prince Albert II added.

 The legendary actor Robert Redford was honored with the Prince Albert II Foundation Award in recognizing his lifetime commitment to creating meaningful change for the preservation of the earth. Filip Kulisev, whose photographs from the North Pole were screened during the Gala said „Participating in the Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean was a wonderful experience. I will never forget this night. I am honored that all participants received my book „Polar Planet“, which highlights a frozen world that might soon be gone forever. For our host Prince Albert II and Robert Redford, I prepared an exclusive version in an engraved and metallic photo cassette on an aluminum plate.“

The Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean has traditionally attracted many Hollywood stars. Masters of Ceremony were Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman and Andy Garcia. The evening gala’s dinner included live performances by Gwen Stefani, Andrea Bocelli and Kool & The Gang. All participants received the book „Polar Planet“ and therefore will recognize the work of the internationally renowned Slovak photographer, Filip Kulisev.

The 2019 Monte Carlo Gala raised 26 millions euro from 800 participants. The Auction included 36 items, including travelling with HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco on an Arctic expedition,  driving the „Fifty Years of Victory“, the largest nuclear icebreaker in the world, golf with Andy Garcia, a private musical evening with Andrea Bocelli, a mystical trip through the secret archives of Nicola Tesla, and private dinners at Versailles and the Eiffel Tower,  both closed to the public.

The auction supports the Foundation’s Global Ocean initiatives, including the development of marine protected areas, the protection of threatened marine species, the mitigation of the impact of climate change and acidification, and the fight against plastic pollution.

10. 9. 2019 

Slovak Foreign Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajčák Inaugurates Photographer Filip Kulisev´s Newest Book „Polar Planet“

Bratislava, September 10  Slovak photographer and world traveler Filip Kulisev dedicates his tenth monograph to the Polar Regions of both hemispheres. The book „Polar Planet“ premiered together with a comprehensive exhibit of his photographs of the polar regions on Tuesday, September 10, in the gallery of the Western terrace of Bratislava Castle.

The Polar Regions have captivated Filip for many years, and in both this exhibit and his new book, he reveals how much has changed. He said "We can not take the beauty of nature surrounding us for granted – especially when you consider that something so common today may not exist tomorrow. This is what drives me to photograph the polar worlds disappearing before our eyes. Each of us must be aware and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of our earth."

Miroslav Lajčák, Foreign and European Affairs Minister of the Slovak Republic, and the Chairman of the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe, ceremonially launched „Polar Planet“ with crushed ice. "I have admired Filip´s art for many years. He has never ceased to amaze me. In his newest book “Polar planet”, Filip brings a sentimental but precise esthetic but worrying account of the frozen corners of the globe" said Minister Lajčák. "The book brings up an entire spectrum of emotions, from the artistic experience of Filip´s extraordinary talent and gratitude for the wonders of our blue planet, to concerns for its survival. Let it serve to remind us of the richness of the Earth and a plea to protect its most vulnerable parts."

One of the world’s leading environmentalists, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, wrote the foreword to „Polar Planet“. The famous Slovak actor Peter Sklar served as moderator of the exhibit. The event also premiered several new short movies from Amazing Planet, presenting the Earth´s continents from s bird´s eye perspective, together with the Polar and Polynesian Dance Show „Hula Slovakia“. More than three hundred distinguished guests attended the grand opening, including the State Secretaries of the Ministries of the Environment and Economy, Norbert Kurilla and Vojtech Ferencz.

In „Polar Planet“, Filip Kulisev points out the differences between the Arctic and Antarctica. Only in the Northern Hemisphere do polar bears jump from floe to floe, while colonies of millions of penguins are found only in the Southern Hemisphere. The Polar Regions are the most inhospitable places for life on earth, yet they are thrive with life where few expect it. The wingspans of the great albatrosses are astonishing and the auks have the colors of parrots found in the north, while the huge size of elephant seals and whales is truly amazing.

The exhibit is organized in cooperation with the National Council of the Slovak Republic and is open to the public until October 6.

13. 6. 2019

Photographer Filip Kulisev Once Again Showed the Natural Beauties of the USA and Slovakia in the US Ambassador's Residence

Filip Kulisev exhibits his works at the US Ambassador's residence in Bratislava for the third time. He introduced the photographs, made especially during his last trips to the USA. “Together I spent a year and a half taking pictures of natural beauties overseas. I consider it as a beautiful period of my work because the USA is a country endowed with a multitude of amazing and varied forms of nature. I am particularly fascinated by the diversity of their national parks. From the majestic glaciers in Alaska through the colorful Yellowstone geysers, the beautiful rock formations in Arizona, to the volcanic beauty of the Hawaii, ” stressed Filip Kulisev, who also showed many of the Slovakia's beauties in pictures, taken from the bird's eye perspective on the US residence.

US Ambassador to Slovakia Adam Sterling is pleased that the USA and Slovakia are also converging through photographic art. Filip's short film devoted to the world's oceans, glaciers and tropical islands had the Slovakia premiere at this event. "This film was premiered last March in New York at the UN World Water Day 2018. I am glad that I introduced him officially in Slovakia as well, ”added Filip Kulisev.

The event was attended by the state secretaries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Environment, Frantisek Ruzicka and Norbert Kurilla, together with more than a dozen ambassadors accredited in Slovakia and other representatives of the business, cultural and social life.

12. 2. 2019

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Receives a Gift from his Counterpart Miroslav Lajčák a Limited Edition of a Book of Filip Kulisev

The first U.S. Secretary of State to officially visit Slovakia in 20 years, Michael R. Pompeo, takes away a limited edition of the book “Element”, presented to him by Miroslav Lajčák, Minister of Foreign Affairs and chair of the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe.

This exclusive edition of Filip Kulisev’s book “Element” weighs 6kg and includes a signed photograph of Yellowstone National Park’s Grand Prismatic Spring on aluminum plate.  Filip’s books and photographs are in the collections of President Andrej Kiska, Prince Albert II of Monaco, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Pope John Paul II, and Charles, Prince of Wales.

4. 10. 2018

Prince Albert II of Monaco Opens An Exhibit Dedicated to the Beauty of The Polar Region by Slovak Photographer, Filip Kulisev

Slovak photographer and world traveler Filip Kulisev presented his newest work in the Galerie des Pêcheurs, next to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. This is the third time Filip has been honored with an exhibit. This exhibit, „Polar Planet“, contains large scale photographs highlighting the beauty and some of the most spectacular sites of both the Arctic and Antarctic. „Polar Planet“ was created in cooperation with Poseidon Expeditions and was officially opened by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. „It´s another beautiful exhibit of Filip Kulisev. He has such way, not only making rendering species beautiful and attractive, but also rendering incredible places of our planet. He invites us in way as you want to go there for a visit. He captures incredible the very special kind of light in the polar regions,“ Albert II said.
The polar regions face climate change at its most visible. Glaciers are shrinking and many species are losing their natural habitat. Filip Kulisev has visited both the Artic and Antarctic numerous times over the last 15 years. He said „Despite the harsh conditions, the cold weather, and considerable discomfort, I enjoy the polar regions of the Earth immensely. It is fascinating to be able to photograph hundreds of thousands of penguins in one place on South Georgia and polar bears floating on icebergs searching for food. There is so much to admire in the varied landscapes and fauna of Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, Svalbard, Iceland, Franz Josef Land and Greenland".
Svalbard, one of the last archipelagoes on the way to the North Pole, has a special significance for Monaco. The great-great grandfather of the present Prince, Albert I of Monaco, who ruled from 1889 to 1922, was a famous oceanographer and voyager who made four trips to the polar regions. He was especially interested in Svalbard. Filip said "The photographs of the glaciers, fjords and many other places explored by this prominent scientist and ruler are an important part of the exhibition. This is also my tribute to Albert II, whom I greatly appreciate for his many good works in favor of saving the oceans and persuading politicians to take measures to moderate the effects of the global warming,"
The opening was attended by many distinguished guests from Monaco, Russia, USA, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Japan and Slovakia. „Polar Planet“ will be available for viewing through November 15th. Admission is free for the public twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The exhibit continues many years of cooperation between Kulisev and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, which has three priority objectives: to limit climate change, to safeguard biodiversity and to manage water resources.

1. 5. 2018 
Pope Francis Adds Another Work By Photographer Filip Kulisev To His Collection

Pope Francis received another magnificent gift from the President of the United Nations General Assembly and the Foreign Affairs Minister of Slovakia. During an official visit Monday, His Excellency Miroslav Lajčak gave the Holy Father a limited edition of the book ‚Element‘, by renowned Slovak photographer Filip Kulisev. 
„I´m very proud to present the Holy Father the book in which a Slovak photographer captured the beauty of our planet, which we need to cherish together,“ Mr. Lajčak announced after the meeting. The book displays the diversity and beauty of the Earth's four basic climate zones in the four seasons with 400 photographs, together with short descriptions of each. A photograph of the famous Spis Castle is also included in the limited edition of the book.
The book Element is not the first work of Filip Kulisev in the Papal art collection. In 2015 Slovak President Andrej Kiska presented him with a unique gold-plated photo book celebrating the most wonderful parts of Slovakia.
Mr. Kulisev said "I'm honored that my book Element will be a part of the Papal Library. The Holy Father is known for vigorously promoting protection of the environment and biodiversity on our planet. These are values that I share and draw attention to with my art.“
Filip Kulisev, Master QEP, FBIPP, has had more than 200 solo exhibitions in Slovakia and around the world. He is the author of nine books, which record the diversity and beauty of many of the world's natural wonders. Filip has received both the highest European qualifications, Master Quality European Photographer, in landscape, and the highest title, 'Fellow', from the British Institute of Professional Photographers. Filip is an avid naturalist who supports activities aimed at protecting the environment for future generations.

24. 3. 2018 
Photographer Filip Kulisev represents Slovakia at the United Nations‘ Prestigious Water Event in New York

New York, March 23 – The works of internationally renowned photographer Filip Kulisev represented Slovakia, at the exhibition on the occasion of "International Action Decade on Water for Sustainable Development“ in the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Kulisev said „My exhibition ‚Glaciers‘ presents the play of the forces of nature with ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. Both are seemingly hostile environments, but nonetheless, full of life, including polar bears swimming between icebergs, hundreds of thousands of penguins, and majestic whales around Greenland“. 
His photographs were projected also on the main building of the UN, and visitors could also see his short film „Decade of Water- Oceans“, on plasma screens inside the UN buildings. The event was attended by the President of the UN General Assembly Miroslav Lajcak, the UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutteres, the President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, the Deputy UN Secretary General, Amina Mohammed and ministers of Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Hungary, Jordan, Maldives and the Netherlands.
Mr. Lajcak in his address stressed the vital role of water in the future of life on our planet. He stressed that „We need water to survive. It was always the lifeblood of ancient civilizations, growing along river banks – from the Nile and the Yellow River, the Indus to the Tigris and the Euphrates. Two years ago, we adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We promised to work towards everyone being able to live a decent life, on a sustainable planet. We need safe, clean and readily available water to have a decent life. Unfortunately 844 million people today are missing this basic element of a decent life." 
A small piece of Slovakia – icefall Siklava Skala - was also present in the exhibition. „Only few people are able to capture the beauty of nature as excellently as Filip Kulisev. I am glad that we are also well known in the field of photographic art thanks to him", said the President of the UN General Assembly, Miroslav Lajcak.
Kulisev said "This is the second time I have exhibited at the UN – it's a unique opportunity to present my work to the world. I believe that protecting water is critical for the survival of humanity, and that there is no more important goal for us as a species.“

16. 10. 2017 
Photographer Filip Kulisev Has His First Exhibition In New Zealand

Photographer and world traveller Filip Kulisev for the first time exhibited his remarkable photos from „Amazing Planet“ in Auckland, New Zealand. The event in Aotea Centre, where Filip presented his photos of the natural wonders from all continents, was attended by Auckland‘s political and diplomatic corps Filip said. „New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, where I return time after time. This relatively small archipelago has so many natural wonders that you can not see in any other place in the world.
Dr. Igor Bartho, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Australia and New Zealand, considers the exhibit a great promotion for the beauty of Slovakia. He said „This exhibition Amazing Planet of Filip Kulisev and the launch of his book „Uzasne Slovensko/Amazing Slovakia“ succeeds in displaying the many beauties of Slovakia. Our Embassy and the Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Auckland, Mr. Peter Kiely, organized the opening of these wonderful photos, which attracted a surprising number of visitors. It’s fantastic that people in New Zealand are so interested in Slovakia. Together with Filip and his remarkable photographs, we succeeded in our efforts to introduce Slovakia to New Zealand and to raise interest in his visit.“
The exhibition „Amazing Planet“ will last until November 6 in Auckland. It also features a short film „Amazing Slovakia“, which had its world premiere in September in Bratislava.

26. 9.2017 
H.E. Hamad Buamim from Dubai Launched in Australia New Book About Slovakia by Photographer Filip Kulisev

Photographer and world traveller Filip Kulisev presented his new book „Amazing Slovakia“ during the Congress of the International Chamber of Commerce World Chambers Federation (ICC WCF) in Sydney. Mr. Peter Mihok, the President of ICC WCF, launched the Slovak edition and the English edition by H.E. Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The event was held at the newly opened Congress Centre at the exhibit Amazing Planet. Filip announced that „It´s an honor to be the sole photographer to exhibit at the opening of this prestigious International Congress. I´m pleased, that here Down Under, I am able to show many amazing places, not only in Slovakia, but on all continents. I sincerely hope that each delegate to the conference can find one of his preferred sites among them.“ 
Dr. Igor Bartho, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic for Australia and New Zealand, said „I would say that both Filip’s film and book, Amazing Slovakia, together with the remarkable photographs will attract many people in Australia and New Zealand. I am frequently asked why should we visit Slovakia? I believe that Slovakia possess everything- the tourist paths, wonderful nature, spas, mountains and old castles. All these are available in only three hours by car. But my guests are skeptical – how can such a small country have so much? Thanks to Filip Kulisev I can show the beauty of our country, because seeing such beauty once is worth more than twice hearing about it.“ 
The book was launched with the finest sand from Australia‘s Whitehaven Beach, where Fillip took several photos. He said „Whitehaven Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sand is 98 percent pure white silica. Its grains are the smallest in the world and therefore suitable for making precise optics. The sand was also used to make the Hubble's telescope.“

World Traveller and Photographer Filip Kulisev Released His First Book and Movie Dedicated Only to Slovakia

Filip Kulisev for the first time presented his short film Amazing Slovakia in the Cinema Lumiere in Bratislava on Tuesday evening. The film is part of the limited edition of the book Amazing Slovakia/Úžasné Slovensko, dedicated only to Slovakia and released in both Slovak and English. Slovak President Andrej Kiska together with the Ambassador of the USA in Slovakia Adam Sterling accepted invitations to the event. The moderator of the event was Milos Buban.
Filip Kulisev displayed the beauty of Slovakia in photographs taken from a bird’s eye view. “Many formerly hidden beauties emerge when seen from this perspective. It allowed me to capture the only wild herd of European bison in Slovakia, Morske Oko Lake hidden in the lush forests of Vihorlat, and the Domasin Meander of the Vah River, which bears a striking resemblance to its more famous counterpart on the Colorado River in America’s Grand Canyon.“. Filip noted that „The little known Čabrad Castle in Central Slovakia is proof that one does not have to travel to Peru to see something as remarkable as Machu Picchu.”
Slovakia’s natural beauties are not confined to its most famous tourist destinations, such as the High Tatras and the Slovak Paradise; they can also be seen in many lesser known gems scattered throughout the countryside. Filip added that “Slovakia has much more than just magnificent natural beauty. Its rich history has also had a tremendous impact upon the country over the last millennium. The castle ruins, magnificent chateaux, and the many abandoned monasteries and medieval churches are evidence that Slovakia has always been at the crossroads of history in Europe”. 
Miroslav Lajcak evaluated the book Amazing Slovakia/Úžasné Slovensko as a great promotion of the Slovakia. „Slovakia is amazing country, where one can find everything: from the peaks of the High Tatras to the bends of the Danube, from the Carpathian vineyards to the forests of Vihorlat. There are still many people in the world who haven´t any idea at all about the beauty of Slovakia. This is the reason I support such projects, like this one from Filip Kulisev. They spread the goodwill of Slovakia abroad, and show that we offer so much to our visitors. Good marketing is more than half of success. I think that this book and the film are excellent marketing tools for the beauty of our country”.
The official launch of the book Amazing Slovakia/Úžasné Slovensko will be on September 19 in Sydney as part of the World Congress of the International Chambers of Commerce, which will also feature an exhibition of many other photos from Filip’s collection, Amazing Planet.


Exhibition at the Geographic North Pole

Photographer and explorer Filip Kulisev has successfully performed an exhibition on the most unusual place on earth. He presented his works at the northernmost site in the world, 90°N, the North Pole. „If we treat both poles, Mount Everest and the Marian Trench as the ‚four corners‘ of the planet, then the North Pole is the first among them that I have visited. It has been an unforgettable experience,“ said Filip.
Exactly at 90° North, he displayed 22 works, representing an overview of all continents from the national parks in Tanzania and Hawaii; the unbelievable natural heart formed by a large formation of mangroves in New Caledonia; and the natural wonders of the nordic regions of Iceland, Svalbard and Greenland, just to name a few of his works. Spis Castle in Slovakia was also displayed.
While he was „on the ice“ at the North Pole, Filip signed a limited edition of his latest book Element. He travelled as a member of a polar expedition organized by Poseidon Expeditions. „The North Pole is a magic place. We arrived on „midsummer“ polar day, the longest day of the year. The other half of the year, the North Pole is in total darkness. Interestingly, wherever you step away from 90° N, you are always going south,“ said Filip, who visited the North Pole aboard the world’s largest, most-powerful nuclear icebreaker, 50 Years of Victory. The giant 160 meter-long Russian vessel has two nuclear reactors, generating 75.000 horsepower. „There is a water ballast system between the inner and outer hulls which can be shifted to aid icebreaking. The ship has a spoon-shaped bow, capable of breaking through ice up to eight meters thick. 
„Incredibly, the ship is able to operate four years without being refueled. It gave me some extra confidence in case we weren’t able to complete our goal of reaching 90º north in the planned 12 days. Our short stay at the North Pole was highlighted by an extraordinary polar plunge by many of the passengers,“ he said. Filip’s wife, Zuzana, was the brave one in the family and reported that the temperature was a refreshing -1¬¬.8ºC. 
Jan Bryde, senior vice president of Poseidon Expeditions, said. „I had the pleasure of meeting Filip and Zuzana last year and after seeing their wonderful work and getting to know their lovely and humble personalities, we agreed on an amazing joint venture project with Poseidon Expeditions. Filip will be shooting polar landscape images in both the Arctic and Antarctica aboard our vessels. These photographs will be displayed in various exhibitions around the world. Poseidon Expeditions is very proud and looks forward to our continued cooperation.“

Crystal Wing

Filip Kulisev, was one of three artists nominated in Visual Arts at the 20th Annual "Crystal Wing" 2016, the most prestigious awards in Slovakia. The Grand Jury annually proposes three nominations in the fields of Theatre and Audiovisual Arts, Philanthropy, Economics, Music, Medicine and Science, Journalism and Literature, Rock Pop Jazz, Sports and the Visual Arts.


Filip Kulisev Is the First Photographer To Be Awarded the Benovsky Globe

The Slovak city of Vrbove awarded its second annual Benovsky Globe prizes to accomplished Slovak artists, including the first photographer to receive this prestigious honor, Filip Kulisev. 
The city recognized Filip‘s remarkable contributions to spreading the many natural beauties of the Slovak Republic throughout the world. Filip´s photographs of the island of Madagascar, where a distinguished native citizen of Vrbove, Moric Benovsky, ruled in the late 18th century, were particularly praised.
„I was surprised by this prestigious award. I very much appreciate that the organisers from Vrbove praised my photography and my continuous efforts to represent Slovakia throughout the world. Madagascar is one of the most wonderful places in the world for me, and has long historical links to our country. Baobabs, many protected plants and animals, including lemurs are unique to Madagascar and not found anywhere else,“ told Filip Kulisev after awarding ceremony.
Cecilia Kandracova, the Slovak diplomat and scientist, and Countess Alzbeta Ambrozyova , a descendant of Moric Benovsky, were also awarded the Benovsky Globe. The prestigious award recognizes both Slovak and foreigners who have either contributed to the legacy of Moric Benovsky or have made significant explorations of the world. 
The former Slovak President Rudolf Schuster also received the Benovsky Globe last year. The award consists of a crystal globe, 29 centimeters tall, with graphics of Benovsky from artist Igor Piacka. Through this prestigious award, the city of Vrbove wants to raise awareness of its distinguished native citizen Moric Benovsky.


Slovak President Andrej Kiska Inaugurates Photographer Filip Kulisev’s Newest Book

Photographer and world traveller Filip Kulisev presented his eighth book „Element“ at Bratislava Castle. The book’s title reflects the cornerstones of our world, the four classical elements. Slovak President Andrej Kiska launched the book with the oldest sand in the world, from Namibia‘s National Park, Namib Naukluft. The ancient sand represents the element Earth and its red colour the element Fire. President Kiska announced that „Filip reminds us again and again of the uniqueness of the world we have been given the opportunity to experience and enjoy, our good fortune to be here, but also the burden of our responsibility. I appreciate and admire Filip’s humility. He had not forgotten where he comes from and he knowingly shows us our place in the world – all of which is portrayed in his photographs.“ The event was attended by over three hundred distinguished guests, including, Environment Minister Laszlo Solymos, the new U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia, Adam Sterling, and Bulgarian Ambassador Margarita Ganeva. „Element“ is in four parts, representing the climatic zones as well as the four classical elements. Filip explained „There are more than 400 images with notes on each site. I like to show the domination of water, transformed into ice and icebergs of the Arctic and Antarctic. Mountain ranges, rock cliffs and caves characterise the temperate zone. Fresh air and winds dominate the eternally green subtropics. Fire from the sun lights the eternal summer of the tropics.“ The unofficial premiere of „Element“ occurred at the opening of the Amazing Planet exhibition at the IUCN World Conservation Congress on September 4th in Honolulu, Hawaii. Prince Albert II of Monaco said: „Through the beauty and purity of his images, Filip Kulisev gives substance to the treasures that we too often turn our backs on, and that risk disappearing tomorrow if we do not take action now. It is for these reasons that I support the work of Filip Kulisev, whose photographs around the globe are a source of inspiration to us all.” The book will be launched to the trade on Tuesday, September 13. It is available in both English and Slovak versions, as well as a boxed limited edition with an original signed photograph. It has 408 pages and weighs 4 kilos. Peter Sklar, the famous actor, moderated the launch of Filip’s new show. A renowned violin trio, G-Strinx, accompanied the opening. The exhibit was organized in cooperation with the National Council of the Slovak Republic and is open to the public until October 1st.


Slovak Photographer Filip Kulisev Drew Attention on IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii

Honolulu: Photographer Filip Kulisev belongs to the Slovak representatives on the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Honolulu (Hawaii). His exhibition Amazing Planet revived this event. „I´m glad to present my work on the highest forum of the conservation experts in the world. I agree with main thesis, that our planet is on the crossroad. Through my work I do my best to show people the beauty, which could we lose by absence of the conservation of the nature,“ Filip Kulisev told. His exhibition is located in the main hall in the are of 120 square meters and its opening was attended with President of French Polynesia Edouard Fritch, President of Kiribati Anote Tong or IUCN head Inger Andersen as well. Nearly 200 heads of states or representatives of the governments or the international organizations can enjoy the pictures and video projection from all continents, including the beauties of Slovakia.
The exhibition is organized in cooperation with The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Filip Kulisev's environmental work has been appreciated by many personalities, including His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, who couldn´t ceremonially opened the exhibition and was replaced by Vice-president of the The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Bernard Fautier. He conveyed the message of Prince Albert II of Monaco by this occassion: “Through the beauty and purity of his images, Filip Kulisev gives substance to the treasures that we too often turn our backs on, and that risk disappearing tomorrow if we do not take action now.” The opening ceremony of exhibition was highlighted by the signing of the Agreement between IUCN and Monaco concerning the support of the project about the protection against the ocean acidification. The Exhibition in Honolulu will last until the end of the IUCN World Conservation Congress at September 10th.
The IUCN Congress is the world’s largest and most inclusive nature conservation forum. Held every four years, it hosts nearly 10,000 delegates from around the globe to discuss, debate and decide environmental and development issues and policy.

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