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The Polar Regions have so captivated Filip Kulisev over the years that he finally decided to devote a book to exploring these parts of the world.  In Polar Planet he points out the differences between the Arctic and Antarctica. Only in the northern regions of the globe do polar bears jump from floe to floe, while millions of penguins gathering in single colonies are found only in the Southern Hemisphere. The Polar Regions are the most inhospitable places for animals, yet they are thriving with life where few expect it. The wingspans of the albatrosses are astonishing and the auks have the colors of parrots found in the north, while the majestic size of elephant seals and whales is amazing.


The photographs in the book show them, with breathtaking scenery, in the environment where they live. The beauty of the nature surrounding us is not to be taken for granted when you consider that something so common today may not exist tomorrow. This absolutely applies to the polar region. Filip documents them all, but with the firm belief that future generations will not have to take this book as testimony to a world that has been lost. 

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, was appealed by both the mission and the message of the book so he formulated his ideas into the foreword to this book.

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