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DVD Amazing Planet PHASE 6

The internationally renowned photographer and traveler Filip Kulisev has released his latest disc, „Phase 6“. The DVD includes new shorts filmed from drones and helicopters, accompanied by moving themes from some of Hollywood’s greatest films. „Phase 6“ is divided into two parts, for warm and cold climates. In the first, videos show the beauty and diversity of remote islands in Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, the inspiring atmosphere of the Seychelles, and glowing streams of lava flowing into the ocean in Hawaii. Films from the polar region include the brightly coloured houses along the shore of Greenland, lost icebergs around Newfoundland in Canada, and the most powerful nuclear icebreaker in the world, as it heads to the North Pole. „Phase 6“ includes a bonus seven-minutes film „Oceans“, premiered at the United Nations Water World Day in New York.

Download link in HD quality inside the DVD

19.90 Eur    

Price doesn't include postage and insurance. 
Price is valid for European Union market only.

Payment will be made to our bank account, via PayPal or bank draft.

Cash on delivery is possible only in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

1 - 2 weeks

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