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Photographs from all continents and various places around the world, are offered as attractive decorative items for your home or office. We deliver pictures in the highest quality aluminium German frames, or Italian wooden frames. 

The photographs are hand signed by the author, Filip Kulisev, in a limited series of 250.


80 x 60 cm 
100 x 50 cm 
100 x 60 cm 
100 x 70 cm 
120 x 60 cm 
150 x 80 cm 

If you prefer a different size, we can offer a size to meet your requirements. 


For quotes, please contact us here. 


Payment will be made to our bank account, via PayPal or bank draft.

Cash on delivery is possible only in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


2 - 5 weeks

Photographs without adjustment until 2 weeks.

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