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Slovakia highlights its beauty and natural, cultural and historical treasures in many ways. The country benefits from its advantageous location in the heart of the Old Continent, which over the centuries has been a crossroads for many nationalities. Perhaps that is the reason I find its more out-of-the-way places as impressive as better-known attractions elsewhere in the world. The colorful sea of purple clover near Lipová hardly looks less beautiful than the lavender fields of Provence. Roháče and Kriváň are as uniquely reflected on the surface of calm Liptovská Mara as Denali appears on the waters of an Alaskan lake. Likewise, this land surprises me with its many castles and palatial manors blending in with the surrounding landscape, like Spiš Castle, the largest medieval castle complex in Central Europe. As I wander across the country with growing frequency, I have also discovered its beauty from above. My drone has given me views and angles I could never achieve while standing on solid ground. I am pleased to have the opportunity to share Slovakia with you. It’s well worth it!

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