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ZOOM 3 - Photo stories

Our decades of travel reveal that our planet and nature itself can only be described as a miracle. What else could you call a frolic with millions of golden jellyfish in the archipelago of Palau or a night dive with the great manta rays of Hawaii? We felt it more intensely when, like Robinson Crusoe and Friday, we found ourselves on a deserted island off Tonga in the Pacific, left to fend for ourselves. We have never seen a more beautiful sky! We were but playthings in the hands of nature, when we had ten-metre waves tossing our ship to Antarctica, escaped the cracking ice at the North Pole, or forty degrees below zero in the frigid Svalbard mountains, where all human activity is paralysed.. Our planet is so diverse and unique because of our people, our rules and habits. In North Korea, for example, we had soup with dog meat, the shops gave us our change in chewing gum or lapel badges instead of coins, and had an entire ski resort to yourself. So many stories behind our photos you can't see at first glance. We share them with you because they allow us to know the world and ourselves even better.

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