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Wooden Frame

No Frame/Alu Frame

80 x 60 cm     100 x 70 cm      120 x 60 cm     150 x 80 cm    

80 x 60 cm     100 x 50 cm      100 x 60 cm     100 x 70 cm     120 x 60 cm     150 x 80 cm    


No Frame

Alu Frame

Wooden Frame Choco

Wooden Frame Cherry

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The photographs are printed using a standard picture format. If you prefer a different size, we can offer a size to meet your requirements. 

The photographs are hand signed by the author, Filip Kulisev, in a limited series of 250.



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Payment will be made to our bank account, via PayPal or bank draft.

Cash on delivery is possible only in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

2 - 5 weeks

Please Note: 
Due to web limitations and differences in individual user's monitor settings, printed photograph colours may differ slightly from the photographs viewed on this website.